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Dry Carpet Cleaning

Dry Carpet Cleaning

Dry Carpet Cleaning

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100% 5-Star Rated Vacuum Service at Google Reviews, Yelp Reviews and others! 

Carpets are Dry in 1 Hour 

Satisfaction Guaranteed - If the Odors come back, so will I 

Specialize in Pet odor removal and cleaning stairs better than anyone. 

What makes me different? 


Exclusive 3-Step Process-Safe for People, Pets and Plants

Very Little Moisture (VLM) means carpet is dry in about an hour

5-Star rated results 

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What is Very Low Moisture (VLM) Dry Carpet Cleaning?

How Expensive is Dry VLM cleaning?

Is the Process Safe for Pets?

Is Odor and Stain Treatment Included? 

Is VLM carpet cleaning better for my Carpets?

Why should you choose PCH Dry Carpet and Floor Cleaning?

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What is Very Low Moisture (VLM) Dry Carpet Cleaning

Satisfaction is Guaranteed for 30 days or I will come back! 

PCH Dry Carpet Cleaning is an EXCLUSIVE 3-Step process using a Very Low Moisture (VLM) Green Safe PROPRIETARY cleaning solution combination. This process cleans as effectively as the industry preferred truck mounted cleaning, and in most cases, for less cost! In fact, if your rental lease requires truck mounted cleaning, I guaranty your landlord will approve the results or I will do it again! 

Step 1: Stain and traffic areas are sprayed and treatment is worked deep into the carpet, just like extraction cleaning except using 80%-90% less water. Deep-down hair, dust and other contaminants are brought to the surface.

Note: This process removes as much, if not more of the deep-down contaminants than truck mounted cleaning. It is safe for people, pets, plants and colorfast carpets.

Step 2: A powerful 11,000 soft bristle brush and suction are used to extract dirt, hair, dust and contaminants from your carpet.

Step 3: After extraction process a VLM disinfecting encapsulation cleaner and odor treatment is applied to the entire carpet, followed with a bonnet that removes excess moisture and debris.

Step 4 (if needed): Application of Dry Carpet polymer to high traffic areas and heavy stains. This is worked deep into the carpet and captures moisture and heavy soils in your carpet and is easily vacuumed away when the carpet is completely dry.

You can walk on the carpet in socks or shoe guards immediately. Carpet will be dry to the touch in about an hour, stain treated and former high traffic areas may take a little longer.

VLM uses far less water, about 10% of Truck Mounted extraction cleaning.  
Carpet is dry in about 1 hour- versus 24+ hour dry time for Truck mount
Safe for People, Pets and Plants
Green approved and will not pollute the environment

PCH Dry Carpet Cleaning will spend 3-4 hours on a 1850SF 3-Bedroom home with hall and stairs or Living room, at a cost of $195* to $235*. (* varies by time and condition)

That is almost twice the amount of time and effort than any other carpet cleaner will spend. I care, and your Satisfaction is Guaranteed for 30 days or I will come back and treat your trouble areas again! 

This is a Green Safe Proprietary solution safe for children, pets and plants but please keep the pets off the carpet until dry, as oils can transfer from their coats and leave stains on the carpet.

No loud machines or Hoses-

My equipment is quiet, no louder than a household vacuum. 

No heavy equipment or large hoses dragged throughout your home or business. 

How Expensive is Dry VLM cleaning?

Apartment-1-BR, hall, Living room or dining area $99.99 to $135.00

Apartment-2-BR, hall, Living room or dining area  $140.00 to $165.00

1850 SF home-3BR, Living room or stairs and hall or small loft; range $195 to $235

Room size is up to 150 square feet (5 paces x 5 paces)

Price includes: Stain treatment and Odor treatment. These benefits cost EXTRA from  many carpet cleaners. 

PLEASE ask my competition if they include these benefits when comparing. 

Franchise Companies that do offer Low Moisture cleaning average between $45-$85 per room with stain and odor treatment. HomeWyse.com tells me the Average is $140 or more for a 3-room cleaning! ZeroRes Groupon is $129.00 for 2 rooms and a small hallway. That makes me not only the best option for VLM/Dry Carpet Cleaning, but a better value as well. 

Is VLM toxic or harmful to pets and children?

PCH Dry Carpet Cleaning uses only GREEN Approved, environmentally safe cleaning products and stain removers, safe for people, pets and plants. As with any Carpet Cleaning, keep pets off the carpets until dry to avoid transfer of oils from their coat that will create stains on the carpet.

What about allergies?

PCH Dry VLM cleaning products are strong but safe. People with extra sensitive lungs are suggested to have proper ventilation while I clean. 

Does the process remove odors and Stains?

PCH Dry Carpet Cleaning includes stain and odor treatment with each service.

Yes, pet odors, food odors are all treated. Some pet odors will penetrate the padding of the carpet and may take multiple treatments, but most can be removed. I use an excellent Enzyme Stain and Odor remover.

Be sure to compare: Some Carpet Cleaning services that give low initial bids but will charge extra for stain and odor removal. Be sure to ask! 

Is Dry VLM Carpet Cleaning better for my carpets?

Yes. Dry VLM Carpet Cleaning does not leave soapy or chemical residue that attracts dirt.

Dry VLM Carpet Cleaning does not penetrate through the pad with liquid that can result in mold and mildew or returning stains

Encapsulation cleaned carpets stay clean longer and get easier to maintain with each cleaning

How long does Encapsulation take to dry?

Encapsulation system will be dry to the touch in about an hour, stain treated areas will take a little longer.  

How long will my carpet cleaning take?

PCH Dry Carpet Cleaning takes as much time as necessary to do the best job possible. I usually spend 2-3 hours using my exclusive 3-step process on a 3-4 room cleaning.

Do I have to wait all day for you to arrive?

I appreciate your busy schedule. I provide 1-2 hour appointment windows, and I will call you when I am on the way so you only need to be within 15 minutes of home during your appointment window. 

Why choose PCH Dry Carpet Cleaning?

Because I am a single operator, not subject to budgets and time limits. I will do the best possible job and spend all the time that is needed to make sure the job is done correctly. I use only environmentally safe cleaners, the best enzyme stain removers and provide a 30-day Satisfaction guaranty. Referrals upon request. I not only have 5-Star reviews; I have 100% 5-Star reviews.

Call me at (858) 761-4183 if you have questions.

Thank you

Kevin- Proprietor

PCH Dry Carpet Cleaning

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